Facebook To Announce Mobile Ad Network At ‘F8’ Developer’s Conference This Month

Facebook has long been a major competitor to Google from many different respects, and now, things are set to heat up even more. It's being rumored that at the company's F8 conference to be held later this month, the veil will be taken off of its mobile ad network. This is something that's been rumored for a long time, and given this rumor comes from multiple sources, it'd be more surprising at this point if a mobile ad network wasn't announced.

The move will be a common-sense one for Facebook to make. At last check, more than half of its ad revenue comes from mobile, so of course the company would like the opportunity to earn additional revenue on people when they're not on Facebook.

I mentioned above that Facebook has been a fierce competitor to Google, and this is just going to be another thorn in Google's side. The company has operated ad networks for quite some time, including one with a mobile focus. It's going to be a fun space to watch, that's for certain.

For developers wanting to implement Facebook ads into their app, all of that information is forthcoming.