Facebook Still Reigns Supreme In Social Media, Captures 58 Percent Of U.S. Adults

Try as they might, no social network has been able to grow as large as Facebook in the U.S. or threaten its market share, at least not yet. It's especially popular among adults -- based on the latest data provided by Pew Internet, 58 percent of the American adult population use Facebook, which is more than double its next closest competitor.

That would be 
LinkedIn, considered a social network for professionals, which has captured 23 percent of the adult audience. After that, it's Pinterest (22 percent), Instagram (21 percent), and Twitter (19 percent), with the term "adult" being used to describe anyone who is at least 18 years old.

Facebook Glass
Image Source: Flickr (Marco Paköeningrat)

While Facebook is the most popular social hangout, Mark Zuckerberg and company should take note that growth has slowed to a crawl while other sites are seeing increases in usership. Facebook's membership barely budged since 2013, while every other social media outlet witnessed "significant growth" from 2013 to 2014, according to Pew Internet's data.

The ones that are on there tend to be "very active," with 70 percent of Facebook's users engaging with the site on a daily basis (45 percent do so several times a day). That's a sizable bump from 63 percent in 2013.

For the sake of comparison, Pew Internet says that around half (49 percent) of Instagram users and 17 percent Pinterest users engage with their respective platforms on a daily basis, both of which are virtually unchanged from 2013. And as for Twitter, its usage actually dropped from 46 percent in 2013 to 36 percent in 2014.