Facebook Lets Devs into the App Center

In a blog post aimed at app developers, Facebook announced its App Center and also gave guidelines so devs know how to get their apps into the App Center and keep them there.

Wondering if your favorite Facebook app will make the cut? Eligible apps include:
-An app on Facebook.com in a canvas page
-A mobile app built for the web, iOS or Android that uses Facebook Login
-A website that uses Facebook Login and has an immediately logged-in, personalized experience (see App Quality for more info)
-An App for Pages built to manage or enhance other companies’ Facebook Pages

The App Center is designed to help the 900 million (yeah, it’s up to 900 million now) Facebook users find games and pastimes more easily. Just like every other app store out there, the App Center will offer detail pages for each app before giving users a chance to install one. The detail pages will also serve as a landing spot when anyone searches for a given app within Facebook. Predictably, Facebook will rely heavily on data such as engagement and user ratings in addition to at least some level of curation to determine which apps stay and which go.

Metrics make it happen

From the App Center, mobile users can browse for apps that are compatible with their respective devices; to install one, they’ll be redirected to the iOS App Store or Google Play.

What’s in it for developers? Other than the biggest user base in history, devs will be able to charge for their apps. In-app purchases will remain, but developers can also require a flat user fee for their apps.

App Center is scheduled to open for consumers “in the coming weeks”. Developers are encouraged to submit their app detail pages before May 18th to ensure a higher priority in the review process.