Facebook Launches Dedicated Camera / Photo Tweaking App

Careful not to attribute this to the Instagram acquisition -- after all, that still hasn't cleared all regulatory hurdles and officially closed. But it's becoming ever more obvious that Facebook is growing beyond just being a social network; it's a legitimate company now, a software company, and it's plain to see that it plans on producing all manners of software in the years ahead. Today, the company launched a new app into the iOS App Store, simply titled "Camera." It's a standalone app, so for those who don't want to get mired in a news feed can hop straight into it and work magic on visuals.

It'll snap a photo, and much like Instagram, it'll serve up 15 filters to tweak the way your images look. Funnily enough, had this come out four months ago, the storyline would be Facebook vs. Instagram. Now, it's not even a concern. It's important to note that there's very little integration here with the existing social network app; you won't see these photo tweaking features in the Photo section of the Facebook app. Yet, anyway. Perhaps that's on the docket to change in time.

The app itself is honestly a lot like Instagram. It focuses on just showcasing images taken by your Facebook friends, in the order that they were taken. You can Like them or comment on them, and you can also easily sift through your own galleries. Best of all, it's free. So hey, give it a download -- what do you have to lose?