Facebook Experiences Outage, Some Users Unable To Post Or Comment

Early this morning, Facebook experienced an outage, leaving many users unable to post status updates, leave comments, upload pictures, and more. According to Downrightnow, the site hit a service disruption, and as of the last update at roughly 8:15am EST, there were still widespread problems. There have been a couple of brief dips in service over the last day or so, as well.

Facebook has yet to comment on the situation--maybe they were trying to post an update on Facebook (zing!)--but more important than being unable to post status updates and the like is the fact that Facebook’s messaging service was down, too. Many people have grown to reply on Facebook as a de facto email account (especially younger users), so a Facebook service disruption may as well be an email outage for them.

Facebook outage
Credit: Mashable

Note that at the moment, everything appears to be working just fine for me on Facebook. I’m unable to duplicate any of the problems mentioned above. However, Stan Schroeder of Mashable was able to confirm the outage on his end, as of several hours ago.

Facebook outage
via Downrightnow

In related news, there was a worldwide uptick in IRL productivity and human interaction. (We kid, we kid. But not about the Facebook outage. That’s a real thing.) Sound off in the comments if you experienced outage problems today on the social network.