Apple Will Integrate Face ID Across All New 2018 iOS Devices Claims Fresh Leak

One of the big changes that Apple made to the iPhone X when it launched last year was to integrate Face ID rather than Touch ID into the device. A new report is going around citing sources in the supply chain that claim Apple plans to increase Face ID availability. According to this report, all the 2018 iPhone models will get Face ID when they launch.

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Face ID is seen by many analysts as being a significant feature for Apple when compared to the facial recognition that Android devices sport. Apple uses other sensors alongside the camera in its facial recognition technology including an infrared laser able to create a 3D depth map of the face. The idea with those additional sensors is to give greater accuracy and prevent Face ID from being tricked.

Apple also integrates a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser that is key to the Face ID system. Reports are indicating that suppliers of Face ID sensors are seeing a significant increase in orders across the supply chain. The increase in orders is significant enough that these suppliers are reflecting the increase in their financial outlooks. Right now, only the iPhone X uses Face ID and the increase in orders for the sensors is enough to integrate Face ID on three handsets says sources.

Apple plans to launch three new iPhone models this year according to rumors including 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhone X versions and a new LCD iPhone. Rumors have also suggested that Face ID will land on its refreshed iPads as well. Face ID was said would land on the refreshed MacBooks this year but that didn’t happen.

Unfortunately for Apple, the Face ID sensors don’t always prevent unwanted people from gaining access to a device. Apple's Face ID has proven to be defeated by using $200 3D printed masks. Face ID even let two completely unrelated women unlock the same iPhone.