Apple Face ID Epic Fail Allows Two Unrelated Chinese Women Access To iPhone X

Another day, another Face ID fail that allows unauthorized people to log into the iPhone X. This time around, no creepy masks or 3D printing hardware was needed. The two women who can unlock the same iPhone X are not even related, as we have seen in the past when a child was able to unlock his mother's iPhone X using Face ID.

aceid unlock

The two women are colleagues that work for the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation in China. One of the women, Ms. Yan, purchased an iPhone X and when she found that one of her coworkers could routinely unlock her iPhone using her face, which wasn't registered in the device, she returned the iPhone X thinking it was broken.

However, when Yan received the second iPhone X, she found that the same coworker could unlock the new iPhone as well. Reports indicate that Yan returned the second iPhone for a refund. It's not clear if the women purchased a third iPhone X or went a different route.

This is the first time that reports of two unrelated people being able to unlock the same iPhone has surfaced. The creepy 3D printed masks used in the past have been molded and painted to look like the iPhone X owner and have been able to unlock Face ID on more than one occasion. Apple has said that twins might be able to unlock the iPhone X using Face ID, but even that is supposedly very rare.

With Face ID turning out to be not as secure as many thought, many are uncomfortable with the feature, which Apple likely plans to roll out to more devices next year. With the new Synaptics under-glass fingerprint scanners soon making their way to smartphones, there's no question that some iPhone users would certainly prefer that Touch ID was given a new lease on life.