Fable 2 To Feature Sex, Guns, And Diaper Changes?

Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux has mentioned that upcoming X-Box 360 title Fable 2 will have some very interesting features:

  • Guns
  • Marriage
  • Highly interactive canine companion
  • Sex
  • Larger levels
  • Condoms
  • More levels
  • Having virtual children

Will divorce be a feature in an expansion or PC port?

"It will occur 500 years later than the first game, at the dawn of the age of the gun. You'll be able to do things like purchase anything in the game or even purchase castles. You can court women or men, get married, have protected or unprotected sex (I know that you Americans can't stand that) and then have kids. You can play either a female character or a male, though you're still unable to create your own skin tones or unique features. You could even have a female character become pregnant and still be the hero of the game."

Does anyone want to start a betting pool on how many special interest groups are going to chime in on this one?

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