EyeIO Teams With Netflix To Lower Bandwidth Usage

Data consumption is on just about every mind in the mobile realm these days, and increasingly, on the minds of people with ISPs who have data tiers. Streaming Netflix whenever, wherever sure sounds fun, but it eats up gobs of data. Now, there may be a solution to help you use less. EyeIO has announced a new commercial agreement with Netflix in order to lower the amount of bandwidth people use while streaming. "eyeIO provides a straightforward solution for accommodating the rapidly growing demand for video delivery around the world by alleviating the overwhelming bandwidth currently required to stream video," said Rodolfo Vargas, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of eyeIO. "Our future could not look more promising as eyeIO continues to challenge the commonly accepted limits of Internet video delivery and enables everyone connected to the Internet to enjoy high quality video no matter where they are."

"Delivering a high quality video experience is top priority for Netflix," said Greg Peters, Vice President, Product Development of Netflix. "eyeIO technology is an important part of the technology we use to improve video quality and overcome bandwidth challenges presented by Internet infrastructure."

eyeIO video encoding is fully compliant with existing standards, making high quality video available anywhere in the world, on any connected device. The technology can be deployed as either a cloud or local solution and the enhanced video can be viewed without a custom video player or equipment modification. Too good to be true? We'll have to keep watching our queue and see if we spot any differences.