Eyefi Amps Up Convenience Factor For Photo Pros With 32GB Mobi Pro Wi-Fi SD Card

Eyefi has announced the latest addition to its family of Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards. The Eyefi claims that its 32GB Mobi Pro is “the most powerful WiFi SD card ever” and will be a welcome addition to the arsenal of professional photographers everywhere.

The Mobi Pro supports Selective Transfer, which allows users to tag individual images for syncing instead of transferring every photo stored on the card. However, this functionality is a bit cumbersome to use as each photo that you do want to sync has be marked as write-protected from the camera.

The Mobi Pro also supports the wireless transfer of RAW files, and can connect to wireless networks via infrastructure or direct mode. What this means that is that while out in the field, the Mobi Pro is capable of creating its own Wi-Fi network to enable instant transfers (a la syncing to your smartphone or tablet). And when you’re at home or in the studio, it can alternatively hop onto your local network to wirelessly transfer photos to your desktop or notebook.


"Mobi Pro is the foremost product from Eyefi that builds on the state-of-the-art wireless image transfer and syncing we pioneered with Eyefi Mobi and Eyefi Cloud," said Eyefi CEO Matt DiMaria. "By adding RAW wireless transfer and workflow features demanded by photography customers around the world as well as powerful, automated photo categorization and search features it is now easier than ever to find, access and enjoy all your photos on any device at any time."

We must say that Eyefi has almost perfect timing with the announcement of the Mobi Pro if you consider the reveal of the all-new Apple MacBook on Monday. In its quest to create ever-thinner mobile devices, the MacBook has lost its full-size USB ports and the SD slot that many laptop users (and photographers) simply take for granted. The Mobi Pro, however, makes transferring photos to the MacBook a simple affair.

The 32GB Eyefi Mobi Pro is available today for $99.99, and it will come with a one-year membership to Eyefi Cloud. Once your first year is complete, you can continue using the service for $49.99/year.