Ex. 10,000,000 in Why SMS While Driving is Bad

If you need any proof that while some states have such laws, we should probably have a federal law against text messaging while driving (or maybe even some technology), here's a great example.

This bus driver, in San Antonio, TX, is trying to text, while driving disabled passengers to their destination. He pulls the phone out, and starts texting, and boom: right into the rear of another car.

Fortunately, it was all captured on tape, and the guy has lost his job. Let's hope he doesn't get another one driving anyone anywhere. 

While this didn't result in fatalities, the Metrolink train disaster from 2008 certainly did, and it should be a reminder that not just drivers, but anyone operating a vehicle of any type should refrain from text messaging --- or emailing --- while doing so.  And meanwhile, we here at HotHardware assume all you readers play it safer, and are smarter, than to do this.  Or are you?  Let us know if you text while driving, and why.
Watch the video.
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