EVGA’s New GQ Power Supplies Strut Value Like A Boss

Whenever a company uses the word "value" to describe a product, our skepticism meter starts buzzing. In many cases, their definition of value either differs from ours, or the low price comes at the expense of quality. EVGA contends that neither is the case with its new line of GQ power supplies for budget conscious buyers.

The tagline for these new models is "great quality, great value," and indeed the GQ line delivers the goods with things like 80 Plus Gold certification, an ECO fan mode for near silent operation, high-quality Japanese capacitors that aren't likely to bulge or leak, and a semi-modular design to help with cable management.

EVGA GQ Power Supply

There are four models/wattage configurations to choose from. They include:

  • EVGA 650 GQ (210-GQ-0650): $90
  • EVGA 750 GQ (210-GQ-0750): $120
  • EVGA 850 GQ (210-GQ-0850): $130
  • EVGA 1000 GQ (210-GQ-1000): $160

Those are retail prices when purchasing direct from EVGA. They also line up with prices from third-party vendors like Amazon, though give it some time and you may see them listed for less.

Each model is NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire ready with 54A (650W), 62.4A (750W), 70.8A (850), and 83.3A (1000W) available on the all-important +12V rail (single rail design). You'll also find plenty of connectors for other devices.

EVGA's GQ series is available now, each one backed by a 5-year warranty.