EVGA's GeForce GTX 760 Graphics Card Keeps Its Cool Using a Custom ACX Cooler

Coinciding with the launch of NVIDIA's mid-range darling, the GeForce GTX 760 (be sure to check out our full review with plenty of benchmarks), EVGA unveiled its lineup of graphics cards built around the new part. There are more than half a dozen SKUs to choose from, including three that use EVGA's custom ACX Cooling solution.

The ACX Cooler uses a double ball bearing design with fan blades that are of the "highest quality," EVGA says. When compared to what its competitors are using for their own dual-fan designs, EVGA claims its fan blades are 700 percent stronger and 25 percent lighter, making them them 20 percent more efficient by requiring lower power levels. And because of the double ball bearing design, EVGA says its fans have a 12-year lifespan, which is about 4X longer than the competition.

ACX Cooling Stats

Want more numbers? EVGA is happy to provide them, pointing out that its ACX Cooler offers a 40 percent increase in heatsink volume, allowing for 15 percent lower GPU temperatures. In short, cards that use EVGA's custom cooling solution should run quieter, cooler, and consume less power.

EVGA GeForce GTX 760 w/ ACX Cooling

You can find the custom cooling solution on the GTX 760 w/ ACX Cooling (02G-P4-2763-KR), GTX 760 Superclocked w/ ACX Cooling (02G-P4-2765-KR), and GTX 750 4GB FTW w/ ACX Cooling (04G-P4-2768-KR), all of which are available now.