EVGA Updates SC17 Gaming Laptop With NVIDIA's Pixel Crushing GeForce GTX 1070

Today is a massive day for gaming notebooks thanks to the launch of NVIDIA's latest mobile-bound GeForce graphics cards. As covered in our launch article, these GPUs don't feature the "M" that we've seen in years' past - these are full-blown desktop chips. That means one thing: they're powerful. Seriously powerful.

EVGA SC17 1070 Gaming Laptop

As expected with any new GPU launch, a slew of vendors have today announced their latest wares, and that includes EVGA. The company announced its SC17 17-inch notebook back at CES, but at the time it shipped with the 900-series GeForce chips. Now, it's been upgraded to support the GTX 1070. Perhaps we'll see a GTX 1080 model down-the-road, but given the amount of performance the 1070 offers for the money, it's no wonder why EVGA chose to focus the updated SC17 model around it.

The latest SC17 features an Intel Core i7-6820HK processor, which can be overclocked to 3.8GHz. The GTX 1070 is also able to be overclocked, so the performance offered is simply going to be out of this world. We're talking about a card that's close to being on par with last year's TITAN X, after all, so we're talking superb 1080p performance, great 1440p performance, and good 4K performance.

EVGA SC17 1070 Gaming Laptop Angled

EVGA's SC17 sports an aluminum unibody design that measures 1.07-inch thick. That makes this a super sleek notebook that still packs a serious gaming punch. And, as mentioned above, even though the laptop is slim, EVGA doesn't restrict folks from overclocking either the CPU or GPU, and even includes hotkeys to make switching between stock and your overclock frequencies a breeze.

One thing that helps this laptop shine is that it includes a 4K display by default. This GPU isn't going to offer an amazing 4K gaming experience - you'll have to tweak settings in modern games - but it's definitely manageable. Some might prefer to drop down to a lower resolution to increase the framerates, which would be understandable since this is a laptop we're talking about - even 1080p is going to look relatively sharp on such a small screen.

Unfortunately, one important piece of information EVGA hasn't revealed yet is the pricing. For that matter, we don't even know exactly when it will become available. If you are interested in scoring one of these beauts, hit up the link below and sign up to be notified when the latest SC17 becomes available.