These EVGA GeForce RTX 30 Series Bundles Are In Stock At Better Pricing While Supplies Last

EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XC3 Ultra Gaming bundle on a gradient gray background
One place that has been fairly consistent with hardware restocks is Antonline. As many vendors are apt to do, however, the retailer likes to package hard-to-find tech gear in bundles, essentially forcing you to buy multiple items even if you're only after the main item. And as such, there are now several EVGA GeForce RTX 30 series bundles in stock, as well as a pair of GTX 16 series bundles.

Prices range from $329.98 all the way up to $2,559.94, depending on the level of graphics card you're after. Shown above is the EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XC3 Ultra Gaming packaged with an EVGA Z15 RGB keyeboard, EVGA Supernova 850 G6 power supply (80 Plus Gold), EVGA XR1 Lite capture card, and three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC. The bundled is priced at $1,759.95.

That's actually down from around $1,950 last month. The reduced pricing isn't super egregious, either, as that's a $1,210 card (Founders Edition costs $1,100) packaged with a $65 keyboard, $107 PSU, and $70 capture card. So minus the Game Pass sub, you're looking at around $1,450 worth of hardware in street pricing. Well, save for the GPU, because street prices on graphics cards are through the roof.

Here are all the bundles in stock right now...
  • RTX 3090 + 850W PSU + X17 Mouse + Z15 Keyboard + XR1 Pro Capture + Game Pass: $2,559.94
  • RTX 3080 Ti + 850W PSU + Z15 Keyboard + XR1 Lite + Game Pass: $1,759.95
  • RTX 3070 Ti + 750W PSU + X17 Mouse + Z15 Keyboard + Game Pass: $1,099.95
  • RTX 3060 Ti + 750W PSU + Z17 Mouse + Z15 Keyboard + Game Pass: $909.95
  • RTX 3060 Ti + 750W PSU + X17 Mouse + Z12 Keyboard + Game Pass: $789.95
  • RTX 3060 + 650W PSU + X17 Mouse + Z12 Keyboard: $699.96
  • GTX 1660 + 850W PSU: $439.98
  • GTX 1650 + 650W PSU: $329.98
You're paying over MSRP in each case, but these prices down from where they were a month ago. Hopefully that trend continues. It's also worth noting that in some instances, the card alone can fetch more than the bundle price. If we go back to the EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XC3 Ultra Gaming, recently sold listings on eBay shows buyers paying up to around $2,000 for the card by itself (most of the recent sales are closer to $1,700).

Also worth noting that there are two sold-out bundles on Antonline that we didn't link to above—EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 and 3070 Ti, both with various other parts tossed in. Given the insatiable appetite for GPUs right now, there's a high chance these bundles end up selling out too.