eVga 7800GT SLI, High End Audio Cable Design

Hey folks! As most of you know, Valve has released the short, but sweet, Lost Cost level with HDR support. From the Steam update I read earlier, the added commentary seems to be a hit, so they'll most likely be adding it to other projects. It would be nice to see some design comments on their upcoming expansion, "Aftermath". Enjoy the news!

eVga 7800GT SLI Review @ Gamepyre

"Featuring Lifetime Warranties that actually last, a Step-Up program that's unique in the industry, 24-7 Toll-Free Technical Support, these are trademarks of a company that cares about its customers. For those reasons, I can easily recommend an EVGA video card. The 7800GT CO adds a factory overclocked core and a copper heatsink to the feature list to further enhance the cards quality."

HL2:LC HDR Performance: ATI vs Nvidia, Crossfire performance issue confirmed @ AMD Zone

"We have updated our HL2 Lost Coast high dynamic range lighting benchmarks with the addition of single X850XT PE and 7800GT benchmarks in addition to the Crossfire and SLI 16X tests. We were able to confirm that there is a performance issue with Crossfire as the single X850 outperformed two in all but one test."

Vapochill Micro Review @ Legit Reviews

"I have to say that I found the Vapochill Micro to be an outstanding product. Not only did it obliterate the stock AMD cooling solution, but the temperatures produced by the Extreme and High End models were on par with both water cooling kits I use on my system, at least at stock speeds... "

High End Audio Cable Design - Part 1 @ The TechZone

"Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a $1,500 audio cable? Audio engineer Adam Blake will takes you through the process. In part 1 of this series, Adam will discuss cable geometry and construction."

X05 Report: Part Two @ Bytesector

"As promised, we've got the continuation of our X05 Report with even more of our thoughts on the games of X05, in particular, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Kameo: Elements of Power, Full Auto and Perfect Dark Zero."

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