Microsoft Highlights Every Xbox One Controller Ever Made In This Introspective Video

Are you ready to take a short trip down memory lane? Microsoft has just released a video with stories about every Xbox One controller ever made. The video showcases popular designs, specialty controllers, and controllers that never reached the market.

Xbox Industrial Designers Monique Chatterjee and Carl Ledbetter provided details about every very edition of the Xbox One controller. Microsoft has produced nearly 60 variations and a dozen “series” of the Xbox One controller since the console’s release in 2013.

xbox one developer controller

Chatterjee and Ledbetter noted that the original controller was a bit unrefined. The first controller featured a detail on the front referred to as the “v-neck”. The designers ended up ditching the “v-neck”, cleaning up the design of the controller, and adding Bluetooth. The final design is the one many gamers are familiar with today.

Many of the controllers are inspired by video games and events. Chatterjee and Ledbetter provided a few details about how these particular controllers were designed. For example, the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare controller was meant to replicate the kinds of carvings and illustrations one might find drawn or carved on a real weapon. Other controllers have been released to give players more choices. Chatterjee and Ledbetter are particularly fond of the “Tools of War”, “Ocean Waves”, and “Grayscale” colored controllers.

The video also provided interesting details about rare controllers. The first Xbox One controller that was given to developers was never released to the public. This controller featured a “razzle” pattern that was common on WWI battleships. The design is eye-catching and was intended to arouse interest.

The Xbox One will soon be a thing of the past. Microsoft is busily working on their next generation console “Project Scarlett”. Project Scarlett will reportedly include a custom AMD Zen 2 processor, Navi graphics, and a solid state drive.

Although we do not know anything about the console’s appearance or controller, rumor has it that it features a slick design. Phil Spencer, the Executive Vice-President of Gaming at Microsoft remarked, “It's gonna be—I think it's a cool-looking, new thing, which will be interesting. But we don't have a final ID done.” Project Scarlett is rumored to launch by the end of 2020.