Evernote Business Launching in December, Enjoy Moleskine Smart Notebook and Revamped Trunk in the Meantime

Evernote has proven itself as a popular and useful cloud-based note-taking tool; if you’ve never used it, Evernote (available as an app on your favorite mobile OS) lets you write a note, snap a photo, or record audio and save it automatically to your device and also to a cloud storage account. You can then access those notes from any of your connected devices or via a Web interface.

Now, Evernote is edging into the SMB market with Evernote Business. Essentially, that includes all the normal features of the service, but with some added functionality to make it easier to deploy and manage company-wide. For example, there’s an Admin Console so IT managers can easily control where company data resides. Sharing with colleagues is also made easy, and setting up new accounts is as simple as inputting a user’s business email address.

Evernote Business

Evernote Business also lends itself nicely to the whole BYOD movement; being cloud-based, administrators should be able to easily handle any issues pertaining to device loss or theft. Plus, with Smart Data Ownership, users can maintain personal Evernote content that’s unavailable to IT, right alongside the business content.

Evernote Business isn’t launching until December, so in the meantime you may need to entertain yourself with other newly-announced Evernote features, including Evernote Clearly, which links your related notes together to help organize your thoughts, as well as a revamped Evernote Trunk, which is where you can find Evernote-related products and services.

Evernote Moleskine
Evernote Moleskine notebook

Finally, if you’re a Moleskine fan, Evernote has released a new limited edition Moleskine notebook designed to work specifically with your Evernote app. Users can snap pictures of physical pages with a device’s camera, tag notebook pages with Smart Stickers that the app will recognize, and more. (Nerd-tastic? Yes indeed, and unapologetically so.)