Evernote And Post-it Notes Are A Match Made In Heaven

3M’s Post-it Notes are legendary; they’re omnipresent in every office and have kind of achieved iconic status for their brilliant simplicity. Arguably, the 21st century digital age version is Evernote, a tool that makes it simple for mobile users to jot down a note, record a quick audio clip, or snap a photo and stash it away for later.

The two are now a pair, thanks to the addition of Post-it Note camera functionality to Evernote’s app that lets you take photos of multiple Post-its; the app will then recognize the color, digitally tidy up the handwriting, and then reproduce a digital version of the note in Evernote.

Evernote Post-it

Further, you can assign a certain color of Post-it Note to certain notebooks, tags, or Reminders. For example, you could make all your great ideas pink and automatically stash them in one place, which could help you bridge the analog and digital divides by physically writing down those ideas on pink Post-its so that the Evernote app knows where they go. The four colors the app supports are electric yellow, limeade, neon pink, and electric blue. The update is only for iOS, at least for now.

Evernote Post-it

And so you don’t have to hunt around the office supply cabinet for the correct colors, Evernote and Post-it are selling co-branded Post-it dispensers.

Is the whole thing a little gimmicky? Yes. Is it also a really cool idea? Indeed.