Evernote Adds Two-Step Verification And More To Windows Phone App

Slowly but surely, Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system is getting some serious love. Instead of being left behind as Android and iOS counterparts see routine updates, WP8 is starting to see lockstep updates on some fairly major applications. Take Evernote, for example, which just updates its WP app with a new look and a handful of useful new features.

The update apps a new hub page upon launch, with new note options, shorcuts, recent activity, notebooks, tags, and support for Evernote Business. This update also brings three important improvements to the note view. First, if you have a note that you need to go to frequently, create a shortcut. This will place the note onto the hub page for easy access. In addition to the new features above, the app now supports two-step verification and has significant stability and reliability improvements.