Evercool New Product Roundup, Building a HTPC, and more!

Hey folks, I'm back. Some disturbing news for Red Sox fans tonight, Matt Clement received a head injury with a line drive hit by Carl Crawford. It was powerful enough to knock him off his feet, and he remained almost motionless for about 5 minutes before he was taken away on a stretcher. A standing ovation was given by both Red Sox and Devil Rays fans as he left the field. Let's hope for a speedy recovery :)

Do-It-Yourself Guide: Building a Home Theatre PC @ PCStats

"Computers are a perfect fit for the entertainment room, and building your own home theatre PC is not more difficult than assembling a standard system - as long as you have the right components for the task. In this Do-It-Yourself Guide, PCSTATS are going to walk you step-by-step through the process of assembling your own home theatre PC out of contemporary components. We'll also explore the various things you can do with an HTPC after it's built."

Evercool New Product Roundup @ 3DXtreme

"Recently, Evercool announced its new EL bearing technology. The EL bearing is supposed to provide longer life and quieter operation, all at a reduced cost compared to ceramic and other types of bearings. Today 3DXtreme has a chance to look at four of Evercool's newest products that feature the EL bearing. These are the Neon Crab RAM cooler, the HDD System Cooler Lander, the Spider Filter Fan."

Leadtek WinFast PX6600 GT TDH Extreme (GeForce 6600 GT PCIe) @ Hardware Zone

"Leadtek's WinFast PX6600 GT TDH Extreme comes with a reputation as one of the fastest GeForce 6600 GT in the market. Boasting overclocked speeds much higher than the competition, this is a card to set pulses racing. Read on to find out if it's just another pretender or a home run."

Meridian XCLIO 550W Power Supply @ EXTREME Overclocking | Image

"One of the most notable new features externally is a rubberized coating that reduces shock and vibration, a first in the PSU industry. Internally, the PSU is completely different, and is surprisingly a near-identical design to another "big name" PSU company."

LSCool LSHS-X500 CPU Cooler for P4 S478 and AMD A64 Review @ Madshrimps

"Here is a new Company into CPU cooling promising a low profile application using copper/heatpipe technology plus light weight in a traditional way. The design utilizes three heat pipes and copper fins. Let's find out how it performs."

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