Ever Hack An ISP Tech And Live To Tell About It?

If you’ve played games online, we’re sure by now that you’ve seen somebody go off on a tirade after being fragged one too many times. Sometimes this is a result of poor skills, other times it may be the result of cheaters flooding an enemy’s network in a sort of mini-DDoS attack. Often threats of real life repercussions just seem childish, and often add a comical element to the whole situation.

What happens when you try it on a technician working for the company the handles your ISP’s network and customer service? One youngster decided to find out and for some reason the tier 2.5 tech at Convergsys decided to post his retaliation on the internet for all to see:

I proceeded to input his ip address into a program we have called SERVICE VISIBILITY PORTAL -- SVP for short -- and it brought up his account, address phone number, daddy's credit card info -- the whole nine yards...I decided that since this kid was indeed involved in illegal activity I'd give his daddy a call.

Well the father was furious, not at me however he assured me he would take care of the problem... the father began to yell at his son, i then heard a loud smack, and then sobbing, and then cracking noise as if something was breaking..it then occured to me that the father had just beat the sh.t out of his kid, and the cracking noise was the sound of a hammer on an xbox , i decided that being the self indulgent bastard i am, i wanted more...the father put the son on the phone, still sobbing i might add..and i said to him.."do you know who this is??" he answered "no"..i said "remember that guy u cheated some 20-30 minutes ago and i said u would pay??, well guess what son...u just did."

While we can’t confirm that this is indeed authentic yet, it certainly could serve as a parable about not ticking people off online. If it does turn out to be genuine, we can’t help but wonder what kind of legal trouble the technician might find himself in. It’s hard to imagine that Comcast being thrilled about this story.  One might expect Comcast and/or Convergsys to either already have tracked down the tech in question, or be in the process of doing so.
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