Eurocom Uncages Panther 4.0 with Eight Core Xeon Processor

If you want to see an Ultrabook wet itself, just plop Eurocom's new Panther 4.0 mobile workstation next to one. Battery life be damned, you can't help but be intimidated by a system packing this much power in a mobile form factor. We're talking about a 17.3-inch notebook that packs up to an eight-core Intel Xeon E5 2690 processor (or six-core 3960X if you're not down with Xeon) and up to two GeForce GTX 580M GPUs or Quadro 5010M graphics chips. Those are potent combination, folks.

It's also only the beginning. Depending on how deep your pockets run, you can feed the Panther 4.0 up to 32GB of DDR3-1600 RAM and as many as four storage drives.

"With such massive amounts of RAM, storage, redundancy and processing power available, the Panther 4.0 is a great tool for virtualization and server class environments. This is the ultimate tool for Engineering Companies to combine with our Mobile Workstations to create mobile engineering teams that can be deployed on customers sites. A desktop component-driven mobile server offers many advantages to traditional laptops," said Mark Bialic, Eurocom President.

All the trimmings are included as well, such as USB 3.0 (three ports), a pair of USB 2.0 ports, DisplayPort, Firewire, eSATA, HDMI 1.4a output with HDCP, S/PDIF output, GbE LAN, illuminated keyboard, and more.