Eurocom Cracks The 3TB Barrier In Notebooks

Thanks to Seagate hard drives which have reduced in size from 12.5 mm to 9.5 mm, Eurocom has been able to crack the 3TB 7200rpm barrier in its Mobile Servers and Mobile Workstations. With these smaller drives, Eurocom has been able to put up to four hard drives in its D900F Panther, X8100 Leopard, and the upcoming EUROCOM X7200 Panther 2.0.

By putting these drives in these notebooks, Eurocom has increased the processing power, speed, and storage of its products. To achieve the maximum performance and storage capacity, Eurocom can fit up to four physical hard drives in its high performance mobile workstations. Using the large storage capacity of Seagate's Momentus 3Gb/s 750GB hard drives, Eurocom achieves a total storage capacity of up to 3TB.

By using multiple hard drives, Eurocom also is able to utilize RAID 0/1/5/10 which enables data redundancy and increased disk performance. Eurocom claims it is the only notebook manufacturer to offer a mobile product with 3TB of hard drive storage.

Eurocom offers 3TB of storage on the following models:

In addition to these performance mobile workstations, Eurocom offers performance desktop replacement notebooks with 2.25TB such as the W870CU Cheetah and W880CU Cheetah 2.0. For users on a slightly smaller budget, Eurocom also has 1.5TB notebook offerings with their line of lightweight notebooks.