EU Wants All Phones To Use Same Charger...By Next Year

One charger to rule them all? That's the idea, at least. We have heard conversation back-and-forth over this matter for some time now, with certain entities feeling that a single charging standard for all mobile phones would benefit the consumer greatly. Of course, ideas such as these are always easier stated than accomplished, but there's nothing wrong with lofty goals.

And as we have seen in the past, the European Commission usually gets what the European Commission wants. Case in point: these guys and girls felt that Microsoft had a leg-up on the competition in the Browser space, so they required all copies of Windows to include a Browser selection window. And so it was.

Now, the European Commission wants the vast majority of phones sold in their region to use the same universal charger. As early as next year. That's right, next year! The European Commission clearly doesn't have time to waste with spokesman Dennis Abbott saying the following: "It is expected that consumers will be able to use the same, one-size-fits-all charger ... from the beginning of 2011."

According to the entity, having a charger that is universal in design will "make life much simpler for EU consumers," and should produce "very significant environmental benefits by reducing the number of unnecessary chargers and introducing higher energy efficiency standards." Wilder still, it's said that the proposal is even being backed by a number of high-ranking phone makers, including Apple, Nokia, Motorola, RIM, Samsung and LG. Would Apple really support a charging port that's not their Dock Connector? We're doubtful, but we'll see.