EPOX MF570SLI Mobo Review

[H]Enthusiast has just posted a review of an nForce 570 SLI based motherboard from EPoX, aptly named the MF570SLI.  It was a flawless performance, but the crew at [H] gave the board relatively high marks overall.  EPoX has consistently made some nice motherboards, they just don't have the presence of some of the larger Tier 1 manufacturers.

"Overall the EPoX MF570SLI showed to be a very stable and dependable motherboard. You do need to be aware of some of the caveats listed above and we highly suggest using the beta v91.33 video card drivers if you are using a NVIDIA based video card with this motherboard. While the 570 SLI chipset does not have all the bells and whistles of the 590 it likely has all that you will need for a great experience."
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