Epic Casually Threatens Fortnite Creators With Ban Following Creative Mode XP Exploit

Epic%20Casually%20Threatens%20Fortnite%20Creators%20With%20Ban%20Following%20Creative%20Mode%20XP%20Exploit news
Fortnite, one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the world, also has a creative mode that many people use to make custom game modes like bumper cars, domination style modes, puzzles, and even zombie modes in the vein of Call of Duty. However, some have found ways to use the creative mode to farm experience points for the battle pass. Even though using custom servers or game modes in order to farm EXP isn't really a new idea (it's been going on for over a decade), Epic is taking an issue with probably because it could hurt its bottom line.

In a updated blog post, the developer laid out some clear language in terms of exploits, cheats, and glitches. It states, "Play By The Rules - Do not create Islands that promote the use of known cheats, exploits, glitched items, server crashes, and bugs. Do not use your island as a way to scam other players, including dishonest practices, such as exploiting the Support-A-Creator program or featuring clickbait advertisements."

More than just a friendly reminder, the blog post serves as a lukewarm warning. The developer goes on to threaten a ban in certain instances.

"If Epic is made aware that Island Creator Rules are being violated, Epic will take action on a case-by-case basis. We'll look at a variety of factors, including the severity of the issue, whether you're a repeat offender, the impact on other players and other factors. Action taken can be anything from a warning, or ineligibility for appearing in Discovery or to be featured, all the way up to a permanent account ban," Epic says.

Epic%20Casually%20Threatens%20Fortnite%20Creators%20With%20Ban%20Following%20Creative%20Mode%20XP%20Exploit2 news
An example of the cheating is shown in this video. But keep in mind depending on how far a user would abuse the exploits (or possibly who is the person looking over the infraction) it can be as light as a warning all the way up to being banned forever. Remember the old saying, cheaters never prosper.