Enthusiast Street Cred at Stake as Seagate Mulls OCZ Acquisition

Street cred isn't easy to come by on your own, but sometimes it can be bought. Just ask Seagate, which is rumored to be interested in buying out OCZ, an established player in the enthusiast solid state drive (SSD) market.

As the story goes, Seagate is trying to make up for lost time from being late to the SSD party, and getting cozy with OCZ would give the storage player a major solid state presence in consumer, enthusiast, and enterprise circles.

OCZ Seagate Street Cred

This could be a good move for OCZ, too. Obviously there's the financial aspect, but assuming OCZ is left to continue doing what it's been doing, having access to Seagate's resources would allow the company to step up its game, both in terms of R&D and in meeting demand from bigger orders.

Seagate apparently isn't the only one interested in OCZ. Micron and some others are reportedly talking with OCZ about a potential marriage, though Seagate is seen as the front runner at this point, if OCZ decides to sell.