Enough already with the megapixels

For the average person, the workings of a computer and digital camera can be a bit mystifying and confusing. To combat this problem in the retail market, advertisers have been creating easy ways to judge the power of a product using fairly easy to understand terms like "Megahertz", and "Megapixel". The Megahertz rating system has been phased out for some time now, first starting with AMD and then with Intel following, but the problem with digital cameras remain. Thankfully Dan has some advice to give on shopping for the right camera.

"Well, if you're shopping for an ordinary digicam, bear in mind that money spent on higher resolution may actually be buying you less than nothing. A lower resolution camera can actually be a better product in every respect. Of course, the camera companies just can't sell lower res cameras any more. Even entry level models are averaging 5MP as I write this - real resolution hasn't, of course, improved much since the 2MP days."
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