Emphase SSD Touts "Self-Destruct" Feature

We have heard of rugged SSDs, but this is really taking things to a new level. Emphase, which is a company providing Industrial and Military solid state storage for embedded systems, has launched a new series of rugged Military-grade storage with MIL-STD-810F compliance. But not only that; these new SSDs can "self-destruct" with the push of a button. Yeah, totally James Bond-like. They're engineered to withstand severe conditions, but should it ever fall into the wrong hands, the SLC Flash drive (2.5" SATA III) can be evaporated.

Transfer rates on this drive can reach 170MB/sec (read) and 90MB/sec (writer), and it's loaded with options for handling data in breach of security scenarios including data write-protection, secure and quick erasure, and data destruction. With these defense-grade triggers, data can be eliminated in less than two seconds through an ATA command or with the push of a button. Should the drive lose power during a protect, erase, or destroy command, the device will resume the command as soon as power is restored.

The MIL-SPEC S5 SSD is currently available in 16 GB-128 GB capacities, and with 256 GB and 512 GB models in development. No pricing is given, but with such a Go-Go-Gadget feel, we bet there's a pretty premium attached.
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