Elpida Begins Production On 50nm 2Gb Mobile RAM

Remember that 50 nanometer DDR3 SDRAM that Elpida developed late last year? Good news -- production is underway on it. For those of you just dying to get more memory into the netbooks, notebooks and UMPCs of today, Elpida Memory has begun mass producing what it's calling the industry's highest density 2Gb Mobile RAM using 50nm process technology.

The work is being done at the company's Hiroshima fabrication plant, leveraging ArF immersion lithography and copper interconnect technology in order to add greater functionality to the module. Said device uses an an x32-bit I/O configuration based on double-data rate (DDR) that can operate at the fast speed of 400Mbps (200MHz) to transmit data at the rate of 1.6Gbyte/s. In other words, it's plenty potent to meet demand for high-resolution high-quality graphics display and high bandwidth video play, and it could one day provide even more memory in machines hampered with a single RAM slot.

On top of all that, the 50nm process technology enables the module to digest less power and offer higher performance that competing solutions. The only question now is: when is this stuff shipping?
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