Elon Musk’s Neuralink Venture Will Link Your Brain With Computers To Battle Skynet AI

Elon Musk is taking the next step to connecting everyone to the Borg Collective. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO has set up a company called Neuralink, with the company’s end goal being to connect the human brain and artificial intelligence.

Neuralink is still in the very early stages of development and currently has no public presence. Musk promises that more information will be available next week on the website Wait But Why. He tweeted, “Long Neuralink piece coming out on @waitbutwhy in about a week. Difficult to dedicate the time, but existential risk is too high not to.” The website’s manager Tim Urban recently remarked, “I was given the lowdown about it earlier this month and have been rapid-fire learning ever since. Turns out the brain is obnoxiously not simple.”

Artificial intelligence illustration

The company would develop a technology referred to as “neural lace”. Musk’s objective is to implant electrodes in our brains that would interact with artificial intelligence and increase our mental output. Human beings would ultimately be able to access the Internet and communicate just by thinking.

Does Musk just want control of a Whovian race of Cybermen? Musk noted this past February at the World Government Summit in United Arab Emirates (UAE) that he fears that humans will become irrelevant if they do not incorporate the technology they have created into themselves. Musk explained that while computers can communicate at "a trillion bits per second", humans can barely type with their mobile devices at ten bits per second. He contended, “Some high bandwidth interface to the brain will be something that helps achieve a symbiosis between human and machine intelligence and maybe solves the control problem and the usefulness problem.”

Although Musk argues for a “merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence”, he is incredibly wary of “deep AI”. He insisted that “artificial general intelligence” is "smarter than the smartest human on earth" and overall a "dangerous situation". He suggested that a new digital layer in the brain would control the problem, because anyone would be able to access one. He also argued, “We don't have to worry about some evil dictator AI because we are the AI collectively.”
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