Elon Musk Claims All-Wheel Drive Tesla Model 3 EVs Will Enter Production In July

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Tesla is well on its way to ramping up production of its entry-level Model 3 electric vehicle, but what many people are wondering is when the all-wheel drive (dual motor) variant will finally reach production. After all, AWD has been extremely popular with the Model S and is what helps give the flagship sedan a staggering amount of horsepower and the ability to rip off sub-3 second 0-60 times.

A Model 3 reservation holder (who opted for the AWD configuration) inquired to Tesla CEO Elon Musk when production would begin ramping of the dual-motor vehicles. Musk responded that Tesla will need to get production levels up to roughly 5,000 vehicles per week before it can realistically deal with the added "complexity" of a second drivetrain option for the Model 3. In Musk's estimation, that 5,000 number will be reached sometime in July, meaning that we should be seeing AWD models hit the production line at the point.

For some perspective, Tesla just announced last week that Model 3 production is currently dialed in at around 2,000 vehicles per week. So, Tesla would have to more than double that rate by July. However, we know that Tesla (and Musk) like to play fast and loose with production timetables, so we don't exactly have a high level of confidence in the July timeframe.

tesla model 3 awd dual motors
Layout of the dual-motor, all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3

The current, top-of-the line Model 3 is available with a single, rear-mounted motor that generates around 258 horsepower. Driving range is pegged at 310 miles per charge, and the vehicle can accelerate from a standstill to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. Expect to see the driving range increase slightly with a dual-motor AWD configuration and 0-60 times to drop to well below 5 seconds.

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When asked back in 2016 [shortly after its official unveil] of the Model 3 would feature the Ludicrous Mode option available on its Model S P100D big brother, Musk simply responded "of course".