Elon Musk Confirms Nearly 400-Mile Range For Updated Roadster

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk gave Roadster owners some good news this Christmas with further confirmation that a massive battery upgrade is on the way. Musk first mentioned the battery upgrade in an October interview, and hinted that more news would come this week. 


On Christmas Day, Musk sent out the following tweet:

According to Musk, a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco (which is roughly 382 miles, and would take you just under 6 hours to complete) would be completely possible with the upgraded Roadster. The current Roadster would run out of juice after just 245 miles into the journey.

If you're a Model S owners, don't expect to see battery upgrades offered anytime soon. Musk also posted the following tweet:

Musk promises to give more details later today about the Roadster upgrade, but we have a few questions that we hope will be answered with the official announcement. 

  1. How much will the upgrade cost for Roadster owners?
  2. How long will Tesla warranty the new battery pack for owners?
  3. Will the improved lithium-ion battery pack lead to even more impressive performance?
  4. Will Tesla finally give Roadster owners the ability to use the expanding Supercharger network with this upgrade?

Stay tuned, as we will provide you with coverage of the official announcement once it is handed down.