Elektrobit's New Rugged Phone Platform Aims At Defense Industry

Not every gadget has to be pretty, particularly if they serve a very specific purpose. Rugged gadgets in particular have a tendency to be somewhat unsightly. Elektrobit's latest phone isn't breaking any expectations on that front, but who would expect anything else from an Android-based platform designed for defense and public safety markets?

The EB Specialized Device Platform allows Elektrobit's customers to benefit from the commercial technologies driving the rapid growth of the consumer wireless device market while giving market specific features and device type customization to specialized market organizations. As a smartphone-tablet platform, organizations get a 'made-to-order' mobile device that incorporates key design features desired for a particular mobile device with specific hardware and software features required by their market segment. For example, military vendors can specify MIL-STD-810G mechanics for a ruggedized Android handset, integration of a proprietary security engine or optimization of a proprietary software application to extend the device battery life.

The platform is comprised of components specifically focused to extend product life cycle, deliver excellent performance and simplify the platform evolution. It is anchored by the Texas Instruments OMAP(TM) family of application processors and includes both OMAP3(TM) series single-core and OMAP4(TM) series dual-core options. EB chose TI's OMAP processors for their balance between competitive mass market performance and unique features, such as integrated and fully programmable C64x Digital Signal Processor, that appeals to the target vertical markets. Other key features include integrated cellular connectivity options including LTE with Band 14 support for the U.S. Public Safety market, a high-resolution touch-screen enabled display with superior sunlight readability, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and advanced battery and power management features. Additionally, EB offers other advanced features such as integrated mobile satellite connectivity.

The company is serving an interesting niche with this new offering, bringing tailor-made mobile devices to very specialized enterprises. Leveraging mass market mobile device hardware/software technologies and economies of scale, the platform enables vertical markets such as defense, public safety and security to roll-out customized mobile devices that meet specific industry functional or performance requirements-faster and with lower development risks and costs.

The EB Specialized Device Platform is generally available today for devices to be commercialized with the OMAP3 Series applications processor and 3G cellular connectivity options. Devices requiring the OMAP4 Series applications processors or the 4G/LTE cellular connectivity options can be commercialized in the first half of 2012. 
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