Eee Vs. The Air?

While the Apple MacBook Air has been the source of some buzz, it certainly didn't make waves like the ASUS Eee PC did during 2007.  While the two laptops are in completely different leagues, it appears that some just can't help but compare the two.  The biggest surprise is that Apple's new “ultra”-portable laptop didn't win hands-down:

"After comparing the Macbook Air and the Asus Eee, it’s clear that Apple’s new notebook is not that great of a value compared to Asus’s surprise hit. The Air wins in overall sex appeal, raw horsepower, and a bigger screen. At the same time, the Eee is simply a more practical machine for those who only need a secondary machine to word process and browse the internet on the go."

While we don't have an Apple MacBook Air review up, we would have to say that any comparison between the two laptops is like comparing a Ferrari to a Pontiac Solstice.  Both are quite good at what they do, but they appeal to completely different crowds.
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