Eee PC + Vista

If we were forced to say that the ASUS Eee PC had a single fault, we might site its less limited storage capabilities.  It's not a major problem when running the included Xandros distribution, but with only 8 GB of internal storage available the Eee PC is not quite up to the minimum specifications to install Microsoft's nearly year old OS, Windows Vista.

Here's what you'll need to get things started:
  • An Eee PC, completely unmodified (4GB version, 512MB RAM)
  • A SD card (you'll need this, 2GB minimum, the bigger the better. I'm using 8GB, which are nice and cheap now)
  • A Vista DVD
  • A 1GB USB stick
The instructions go on to detail the exact steps taken, which we estimate would probably take an hour or more, but in the end you might wind up with a fully Vista powered Eee PC.  We're not sure if SP1 will install on such a device, as a lot of noise has been made about offline installs being canned as of SP1.

We don't know how well a Vista powered Eee PC will run, but even removing the storage limitation, the CPU is still barely above the minimum specs for the OS.
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