Edge Tech Intros 128GB Flash Drive, Portable HDD

Let's face it: Edge Tech definitely isn't the go-to name in storage, but the company's still not totally unheard of in the industry. In an effort to expand its popularity and get more products on the scene, it has this week launched a new 128GB USB flash drive (Disk Go) along with 2.5" and 3.5" portable hard drives.

As for the USB drive, it can hold up to 85,000 photos, 128 hours of video, and 32,000 MP3 songs -- or any combination you please. It's housed in a tough, aluminum shell that should withstand normal bumps and bruises, and it also ships withC ryptArchiver Lite encryption software. Oddly, the software will only let users encrypt up to 32GB of data at 128-bit, and after that it's on you to pick up the non-Lite version.

As for the hard drives, they each ship with Dmailer Backup in order to allow for auto-backups and scheduled cloning. Prices vary wildly depending on product and size, so give the Via a look to see if any fit your budget/bill.