EDA People: Footprints on the Sand of Time

EDA, or Electronic Design Automation, is perhaps the single most important component of the semiconductor industry. With out EDA tools it would be impossible to develop the CPUs, GPUs, ASICs, and assorted chips that power everything from personal computers, iPods, mobile phones, game console and so on. EDA Cafe posted an article today that gives a little background on the various players in this field over the years. William Shockley, Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, Phil Moorby, Aart De Geus, Jim Solomon and others are briefly profiled.

Outtake: "EDA industry is what it is today because of contributions of lots of people: academics, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, and developers from all over the world. There are some who stand taller than the others leading, inspiring, innovating. Their contributions have had a broad impact and lasting influence on the industry."

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