ECTS Article, Intel Q&A and More

Good evening friends, I am glad to see you are back :)  With most of the crew enjoying the tail-end of the long weekend, things around the lab have been fairly quiet today.  Nonetheless, there is always a balance of work and pleasure around here.  Speaking of which, it is time for this News Jockey here to finish up his duties for the day.  Here is your evening nightcap... @ ECTS 2004: First Time Perspective

"With Gamestars Live down at ExCeL, ECTS was stripped down enough to leave only the people that needed and wanted to be there, with everyone else enjoying the fun and games at EDF and Gamestars. It's that that made ECTS a lot more enjoyable for the people that were using it for business rather than pleasure and many show goers that I talked to hope it'll be like that next year."

 Intel Q&A with George Alfs @ Penstarsys

"I had the chance to interview George Alfs from Intel with quite a few lengthy questions concerning their upcoming products and technologies, some of which will be introduced at this week's IDF.  Some of the topics include EMT64, Intel's 90 nm process, the Pentium M series of products, as well as PCI-E and Azalia.  Quite a bit of information in there, and it is a good kickoff to the IDF."

 AllAMD Article: Mutant Mods 480 Watt Power Supply

"Power supplies play an important role in the performance of a system. Only recently have they also become a fashion statement with the rising popularity of modding. To fill this void, Mutant Mods' releases their Reactor 480 Watt power supply, which blends both style and performance into one unit." Exclusive Review: Armari's InertX PF5080

"Finally, using the remaining InertX in the bottle, I poured it all out onto the mainboard, a little under the graphics card heatsink (a 6800 GT no less) and a little under the CPU's socket, just to make sure that if something WAS going to die, I'd kill as much as possible. In truth, the testing was never going to go badly; The chemical properties of the PFC made sure of that. After a short while it evaporates, leaving a slight sheen for a couple of minutes, before that disappears."

 Razer eXactMat review @

"To a casual PC user a mouse pad is insignificant; any smooth surface that translates to fairly smooth mouse movement will work; while on the other end of the spectrum, a hardcore gamer regards his mouse pad with the same reverence as his video card and processor, a crucial part of any gaming rig. Razer is no stranger to the gaming world and has defied convention since their very first offering: the Boomslang mouse. Their newest offering, a first for Razer, their eXactMat continues this trend of defiance. The eXactMat is a mouse pad designed for hardcore gamers and picky computer users."

 Kingston HyperX KHX3200ULK2/1G (DDR400) @ Hardware Zone

"Yet another pair of low latency DDR400 memory modules pair arrive at our labs and this time it is from Kingston. Despite its good showing and overclocking, find out why it didn't garner a perfect score."

Time to catch some Z's friends.  I will see you later :) - Cheers

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