Being worthy of Hardware Zone's "Most Value For Money Award", the ECS C19-A SLI is an attractively priced SLI solution built on Nvidia's nForce4 SLI Chipset. It has some good features for a budget board.

"Then the new Intel only nForce4 SLI XE chipset was announced, but introductions aren't really necessary because the nForce4 SLI XE is basically the nForce4 SLI Intel Edition with a few notable changes. Firstly, the chipset looses its ActiveArmor Secure Networking Engine (ActiveArmor Firewall feature is still available though) and the updated MCP now supports HD Audio. By removing an underused feature that is less integral to performance enthusiasts and gamers and updating the audio (which is), NVIDIA can target the mainstream crowd and woo them with the promise of cheap SLI."


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