EcoloCap Promises Nano Lithium Battery Breakthrough

Is the battery revolution upon us? Based on all the broken promises we've seen of revolutionary advancements over the past decade, we're guessing not, but we're certainly hopeful that EcoloCap Solutions is onto something. We've said for years now that battery life needs to improve in a big way on notebooks, and PC makers just need to be more honest about real-world figures from the start. But really, we just need better batteries overall--batteries that last longer and cost less.

EcoloCap has just received preliminary results of the independent tests of it Nano Lithium Battery conducted by Exponent, an engineering and scientific consulting firm of Phoenix, AZ, and things are looking good so far. Of course, we're always wary of "test results" like this, but the background technology still has us interested in the possibilities. Take this quote for example: "EcoloCap's advanced technology fills a void in the market for low cost, high-powered batteries." That sounds like something the world needs very, very badly.

We're told that a single cell of the company's Nano Lithium Battery (rated at a minimum of 200 Ahr) can "replace hundreds of existing lithium-ion battery cells, making it smaller, lighter and more powerful than traditional lithium-ion batteries." It can also be produced at a lower cost than the competition, but we weren't told when the company plans on making the material available for public use. It's also unclear if this technology can be used in batteries on notebooks, or if they'll be constrained to use in larger items such as electric vehicles. We're hoping it can be scaled down for use in smaller items, but again, we'll just have to wait and see. This is definitely something we'd like to get our hopes up about, but as with all battery promises, we tend to keep our expectations low until it proves legitimate in the real world.