Early Adopter Loses $1,500 Google Glass at Airport

It's not always desirable to be first. Luke Wroblewski, a digital product design and strategy guy living in Silicon Valley knows this as well as anyone. Poor Luke managed to misplace his Google Glass, earning him the distinction of being the first to do so, according to Google.

"So according to @googleglass support, I have the dubious honor of being the first person to lose a Google Glass. #yahme," Luke posted on this Twitter account.

Google Glass

Losing a Google Glass at this stage is troubling for a number of reasons. There's the financial hit, which is quite significant at $1,500, but there are also privacy concerns; Luke had linked his Google Glass to various accounts. Lucky for him, Google allows users to delete data from Glass remotely, though he's hoping a do-good citizen finds them and returns them.

Unlike early iPhone prototypes that have a tendency to be left behind in bars, Luke lost his Google Glass at an airport, according to VentureBeat, which communicated with Luke via email. He thinks it may have slipped out of his bag when going through airport security. Should he get them back, he said he'll used a zippered pocket next time.