EA Unveils “The Sims 4” Gameplay Trailer

EA’s The Sims social gaming franchise is launching a new chapter with The Sims 4, and the company put out a gameplay trailer showing off all the new features, including increased sophistication across the board, new ways to interact with other characters, and more.

The Sims 4

First, creating a Sim is more powerful and offers impressive fine-tuning capabilities; you can rather precisely shape noses, lips, arms, legs, and other body parts to make your Sim have the look of just about anyone. You can also give them personalities by assigning them a unique voice and particular body movements.

Building a house is designed to be easier yet more powerful than ever in The Sims 4, too. The controls are more intuitive now, and if you want to rearrange your property, you can simply pick up and drag entire rooms to a new spot.

The Sims 4

While characters are interacting, you can see their emotional states in the lower left side of the screen. Various factors influence how a character feels at a given time, and that in turn affects how they interact with others.

Two notes on the trailer: One, voodoo dolls? Really, EA? And two, just for the record, Ollie has an actual, literal rocket ship. (Just watch the trailer.)