EA Reorganizing

EA recently hired back former CEO, John Riccitiello, who departed in 2004, in hopes of getting back on the right track.  Riccitiello plans on dividing the company into 4 operating units: EA Games (Battlefield series, C&C, NFS), EA Sports, The Sims, and then a group that handles pretty much everything else.  One of the goals of diving the company into smaller units is that it will require less executives to approve new titles, ports, or modifying games for different regional markets.

The unit that handles the Sims already had a trial to test the new structure, and it seems to have had positive results.
"Electronic Arts said it will reorganize the world's biggest video game publisher into four units, in an efficiency drive by its new chief executive, John Riccitiello.

Under the plan announced Friday, Electronic Arts will consist of units that focus on sports, casual games, the Sims franchise and other games. Electronic Arts said the changes, which will not involve job losses, should help it save money at a time when the cost of developing a top-tier game can run up to $20 million."
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