E3 Odds And Ends

There were some interesting tid-bits flowing out of E3 this year, a few of which our friend Samit has posted up here, with more to follow.  

  • If you have time to kill and are perhaps feeling a bit on the randy side, check out PCApex's E3 Booth Babe Circus Side-Show... I don't know, something about chicks in Space Warrior gear that just doesn't flip my biscuit.  Why can't we just stick with the usual skimpy-wear?
  • Perhaps a bit more interesting is PCPer's quick-take "perspective" (oh I'm killin' myself here) on a little Easter Egg they found at E3, in the form of a Dell XPS system with Conroe and Quad SLI, no less.
  • And when you're all done getting worked up about geek chicks and high-end gear, check out the F.E.A.R Extraction Point trailer at Gamershell. 
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