E3 2006 Microsoft Booth Tour

E3 is always filled with the latest and greatest in gaming.  With Xbox 360 selling well and DX10 and Vista on the horizon, even Microsoft had large presence at E3.  For a tour of their booth complete with a handful of pics, check out this article at ThinkGaming...

"At the farthest back point in the South Hall you'll find Microsoft's enormous booth that spans almost a half of a football field and featuring hundreds of playable Xbox 360s. For a company as big as they are, they don't skimp when it comes to making an unforgettable presence on the showfloor, and they have certainly done so. The entire back half of the booth is a two-story set of rooms for press and presentations that is just about as well constructed as an apartment building (all to be torn down after 3 days of excitement). Check out the Microsoft booth tour in its gigantic elegance."


Via:  ThinkGaming
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