Dude Creates Awesome Lego Commodore 64, Now Vote For The Kit

Lego Commodore 64
Retro gaming is all the rage right now, and companies are trying to replicate the success Nintendo had with the NES Classic and SNES Classic. Amid all the noise, however, is a fun and interesting project that pays homage to the Commodore 64, one of the most popular home computers of all time, while combining a passion for Lego blocks.

A self-proclaimed "retroholic" who goes by the name Perifractic wanted to find out if he could build a full-size working Lego Commodore 64, complete with a functioning LED, a mechanical Lego keyboard, and a Lego PCB.

"When I saw a mini Commodore 64 made of Lego, I thought 'What about a full-size one'? This started me down a wormhole or discovery and creation. You see the real Commodore 64 cases are getting harder to find in good condition. Plus people have started putting Raspberry Pis in them to create a 'new' C64 using emulation, so the market is strong," Perifractic explains.

He started out by using the app Studio, which is a Lego construction kit in software form. He wanted to animate the assembly of Lego, so he went in search of something else and discovered a plugin for Blender called AssemblMe. He then worked with the plugin's developer to fix some issues he was having.

Perifractic is now in the process of creating a fully-working Commodore 64 out of Lego blocks. When finished, he's going to create part kits for the case that can accommodate an actual Commodore 64 motherboard and keyboard, a Raspberry Pi + Keyrah + C64 keyboard, or just a full-on Lego kit with mock chips and motherboard.

The first two videos are up now, which we've embedded above. A third video with the keyboard kit will go up later, but by the end of episode two, you can see the actual motherboard and Pi setups working. It looks pretty awesome from our vantage point.

He's calling his creation The Brixty Four (get it?). If you like his project (and how could you not?), you can vote for Lego to make the kit a reality at Lego Ideas.