Dual Electronics Turns iPod Touch Into A PND

Later this month, Dual Electronics plans to ship one of the first kits that will convert your iPod Touch into a PND (portable navigation device). The GPS Navigation & Battery Cradle will enable the iPod Touch to receive a GPS signal and to use location-based service applications.

Dual Electronics' system consists of a snap-on module and a window mount kit as well as a GPS application. The module snaps on to the back of the iPod Touch and has a built-in GPS receiver with a rechargeable battery. The unit also has a built-in speaker to amplify voice prompts and a mini USB port and audio-out jack to connect to a car stereo. The system works with the NavAtlas turn-by turn application (free from iTunes) that is based on the GMap app. A windshield mounting kit and charging cable are also included.

We've seen other GPS kits such as TomTom's recently introduced model, but they only work for the iPhone. The GPS Navigation & Battery Cradle will offer text-to-speech pronunciation of street names along with maps of the US and Canada. It is expected to cost $179. By comparison, TomTom's iPhone GPS kit costs $119 plus $99 for the application.