Dry Your Eyes, Winamp May Not Shut Down Today After All

Today was supposed to be Winamp’s last on earth, but some last-minute nerd heroics may save the beloved music player. The rumor that Microsoft might snag both Winamp and ShoutCast from AOL appears to be legit, as TechCrunch reports that a deal is being finalized as you’re reading this.

The site’s source didn’t specify that Microsoft is the potential buyer, but it would make sense considering the previous rumor. While the particulars are being nailed down, it’s likely that Winamp will be left alone in the interest of both parties.


Regardless whether or not Winamp is the recipient of a holiday miracle, there’s a nifty piece of software called Spotiamp that will let you continue to enjoy that retro Winamp flavor as you stream your tunes.

Spotiamp works with Spotify Premium and employs the Winamp UI to create a vintage experience. The tool also includes ShoutCast support and Winamp visualizations.

Nerts to all the llamas.